New Functionality in Version 4.3a

  • A new Thermoelasticity user interface implements the equations of linear thermoelasticity in an easy-to-use interface.
  • A major upgrade has been performed on the Thin-Film Flow interfaces. New functionality has been added and errors in the weak form implementation, present in the previous versions, have been corrected. Correspondingly results may differ in comparison to previous versions. It is recommended that models from version 3.5a and earlier are rebuilt in the current version. The Thin-Film Flow user interfaces now have easier to understand names and new options for nonidentical slip coefficients at the wall and the base.
  • Modal Reduced Order Model study step added for obtaining equivalent circuit parameters from eigenvalue studies.

New Models in version 4.3a

  • A new model (thermoelastic_damping_3d) demonstrates how to use the Thermoelasticity user interface for modeling thermoelastic damping in a MEMS resonator using fully coupled thermal and structural equations.