New Functionality in Version 4

  • New physics interfaces are added for Thin-Film Flow and Thin-Film Gas Flow (using a conventional and modified Reynolds equation, respectively). These allow you to account for the influence of thin squeezed films that also include a substantial effect from a flow that runs in parallel to the squeezing surfaces in 2D models.
  • A new Lubrication Shell interface for modeling lubrication by thin fluid films in narrow geometries that can be represented as shells. This gives high accuracy at a much smaller computational cost compared to full fluid-structure interaction in 3D with moving boundaries.
  • Version 4 also includes an improved physics interface for Piezoelectric Devices. This new interface gives full access to the functionality of the structural mechanics and electrostatics physics interfaces in addition to the piezoelectric material model.

Backward Compatibility

Piezoelectric Devices interface

The following 3.5a functionality is not available in version 4.0a:

  • Electrical formulations
  • Initial electric displacement

Film Damping

  • The solid predefined coupling is missing but can be performed manually
  • Perforated plates are not yet available. These have to be modeled in version 4.0a using the full geometric description or using equation view.