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Boundary Conditions Solutions

1232: Selecting entities by index number

I am following the step-by-step instructions for building an example COMSOL Application and the directions specify a numeric list of entities ( such as boundaries or domains ) to select. How do I find out which...
Version: All versions - Platform:

1217: Pipe Flow: Lossless fitting causes error message

When I use the 5.2 version of the Pipe Flow interface, and connect several pipe segments, the following error message is shown for some geometries: Failed to find a solution. Maximum number of Newton iterations...
Version: 5.2 - Platform:

1212: Problem with port specifying deposited power

This problem report concerns simulations using the Port condition with the Specify deposited power option selected. The issues appear only in COMSOL 5.1 Update 2 (version number Two problems can...
Version: 5.1 - Platform: All Platforms