Error when running a model with a Multi-Turn Coil

Solution Number: 1220
Title: Error when running a model with a Multi-Turn Coil
Platform: All Platforms
Applies to: AC/DC Module, MEMS Module, Structural Mechanics Module
Versions: 5.2

Problem Description

I am running COMSOL using an Asian language. When I run a model with a Multi-Turn Coil feature, I get an error with garbled characters. For structural contact, if an error occurs, the error message appears with garbled characters.


The issue appears when running COMSOL using an Asian language (Japanese, Korean, or Chinese) in combination with a model containing a Multi-Turn Coil feature from the AC/DC Module, but it may also give errors with garbled characters when solving for structural contact (available in the Structural Mechanics Module and the MEMS Module). This issue is fixed in a hotfix, attached below. Please select the file which corresponds to your operating system and apply the hotfix to your COMSOL 5.2 installation by following the instructions in the hotfix installer.

Related Files

comsol_5.2.0.166_linux.tar.gz 6.0 MB
comsol_5.2.0.166_mac.dmg 6.1 MB
comsol_5.2.0.166_win.exe 3.5 MB


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