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COMSOL Multiphysics
AC/DC Module
Acoustics Module
Batteries and Fuel Cells Module
CFD Module
Chemical Reaction Engineering Module
Corrosion Module
Electrochemistry Module
Electrodeposition Module
Fatigue Module
Geomechanics Module
Heat Transfer Module
MEMS Module
Microfluidics Module
Mixer Module
Molecular Flow Module
Multibody Dynamics Module
Nonlinear Structural Materials Module
Optimization Module
Particle Tracing Module
Pipe Flow Module
Plasma Module
Ray Optics Module
RF Module
Rotordynamics Module
Semiconductor Module
Structural Mechanics Module
Subsurface Flow Module
Wave Optics Module
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Physics Interfaces and Study Types
ExpandSchrödinger EquationYes
Predefined Multiphysics Interfaces
ExpandSemiconductor Optoelectronics, Beam Envelopes1YesYes
ExpandSemiconductor Optoelectronics, Frequency Domain1YesYes
Schrödinger Equation Boundary Conditions
Zero FluxYes
Zero ProbabilityYes
ExpandOpen BoundaryYes
ExpandPeriodic ConditionYes
Schrödinger Equation Volumetric Domain Properties
Effective MassYes
Electron Potential EnergyYes
Semiconductor Boundary Conditions
Surface Charge DensityYes
Thin Insulator GateYes
ExpandElectrostatics Boundary ConditionsYes
ExpandInsulator InterfaceYes
ExpandMetal ContactYes
Semiconductor Carrier Statistics
Semiconductor Discretization
Finite ElementYes
Finite Element (Log Equation Formulation)Yes
Finite VolumeYes
Semiconductor Volumetric Domain Properties
ExpandElectrostatics Domain PropertiesYes
ExpandSemiconductor Material ModelYes
ExpandAnalytic Doping ModelYes
ExpandGeometric Doping ModelYes
Auger RecombinationYes
Direct RecombinationYes
Impact Ionization GenerationYes
Shockley-Read-Hall RecombinationYes
User-Defined GenerationYes
User-Defined RecombinationYes
Mobility Models
Arora Mobility ModelYes
Caughey-Thomas Mobility ModelYes
Fletcher Mobility ModelYes
Lombardi Surface Mobility ModelYes
Power Law Mobility ModelYes
User Defined Mobility ModelYes
ExpandIndirect Optical TransitionsYes
ExpandOptical TransitionsYes
Trap Density
ExpandAnalytic Trap DensityYes
ExpandGeometric Trap DensityYes
  1. Requires all indicated products