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COMSOL Multiphysics
AC/DC Module
Acoustics Module
Batteries and Fuel Cells Module
CFD Module
Chemical Reaction Engineering Module
Corrosion Module
Electrochemistry Module
Electrodeposition Module
Fatigue Module
Geomechanics Module
Heat Transfer Module
MEMS Module
Microfluidics Module
Mixer Module
Molecular Flow Module
Multibody Dynamics Module
Nonlinear Structural Materials Module
Optimization Module
Particle Tracing Module
Pipe Flow Module
Plasma Module
Ray Optics Module
RF Module
Rotordynamics Module
Semiconductor Module
Structural Mechanics Module
Subsurface Flow Module
Wave Optics Module
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Auxiliary Contributions
Global ConstraintYes
Global EquationsYes
Pointwise ConstraintYes
Weak ConstraintYes
Weak ContributionYes
Weak Contribution on Mesh BoundariesYes
Coordinate Systems
Base Vector SystemYes
Boundary SystemYes
Cylindrical SystemYes
Mapped SystemYes
Rotated SystemYes
Scaling SystemYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Spherical SystemYes
Curvilinear Coordinates
ExpandAligning MethodsYes
ExpandBoundary ConditionsYes
Deformed Mesh and ALE Methods
Deformed Geometry InterfaceYes
Moving Mesh InterfaceYes
ExpandBoundary ConditionsYes
ExpandDomain ConditionsYes
Generic Boundary Conditions
Axial SymmetryYes
Periodic ConditionYes
Moving Interface
Level Set FormulationYesYesYes
Phase Field FormulationYesYes
Ternary Phase Field FormulationYesYes
ExpandBoundary ConditionsYesYes
ODEs and DAEs
Global ODEs and DAEsYes
ExpandDistributed ODEs and DAEsYes
Optimization and Sensitivity
Optimization Interface and Study StepYes
Parameter EstimationYes
Sensitivity Interface and Study StepYes
Stationary Forward and Adjoint SensitivityYes
Time-Dependent Forward and Adjoint SensitivityYes
ExpandControl VariablesYes
ExpandObjective FunctionsYes
Particle Tracing
ExpandBoundary ConditionsYes
ExpandParticle Properties and ForcesYes
ExpandParticle ReleaseYes
PDE Interfaces
ExpandBoundary ConditionsYes
ExpandClassical PDEsYes
ExpandGeneral-Purpose Equation FormsYes
ExpandSource TermsYes
Results and Visualization
2D HistogramYesYesYes
Intersection Point 2D (data set)YesYesYes
Intersection Point 3D (data set)YesYesYes
Particle (data set)Yes
Particle (plot)Yes
Particle EvaluationYes
Particle TrajectoriesYes
Phase PortraitYesYesYes
Poincaré MapYesYesYes
Study Steps
Control Steps
Batch SweepYes
Cluster ComputingYes
Cluster SweepYes
Function SweepYes
Material SweepYes
Parameter EstimationYes
Parametric SweepYes
Study ReferenceYes
Frequency Domain
Frequency DomainYes
Frequency-Domain ModalYesYesYesYesYes
Frequency-Domain, PerturbationYes
Mean EnergiesYes
Reduced Electric FieldsYes
Time to Frequency FFTYes
Boundary Mode AnalysisYesYesYes
Coil Current CalculationYes
Current Distribution InitializationYesYesYesYes
Frozen RotorYes
Linear BucklingYesYes
Mode AnalysisYesYesYes
Phase InitializationYesYes
Transient InitializationYesYes
Viscoelastic Transient InitializationYesYesYes
Wall Distance InitializationYesYesYes
Semiconductor InitializationYes
Stationary Plug FlowYes
Stationary, FluidYes
Stationary, SolidYes
Time Dependent
Cyclic VoltammetryYesYesYesYes
Frequency to Time FFTYes
Modal Reduced Order ModelYesYesYesYesYes
Particle TrajectoriesYes
Ray TracingYesYes
Time DependentYes
Time Dependent, Fixed GeometryYesYesYes
Time Dependent, FluidYes
Time Dependent, SolidYes
Time DiscreteYes
Time-Dependent ModalYesYesYesYesYes
Wall Distance
Distance EquationYes
Wall Boundary ConditionYes