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2019 Call for Papers

Deadline Announced to Submit Presentation Abstracts for the COMSOL Conference 2019

Simulation and analysis software users are invited to submit abstracts by 28 June 2019, for an opportunity to present their work at the COMSOL Conference 2019 Bangalore.

BANGALORE, INDIA (March 20, 2019) — COMSOL has announced that the Program Committee for the COMSOL Conference 2019 has begun to accept abstract submissions for posters and papers.

Presenters at the COMSOL Conference gain exposure to a worldwide audience, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their work to simulation specialists throughout industry and academia.

"Presenting at the COMSOL Conference is a great opportunity to share our modeling and simulation work with like-minded individuals and gain recognition for our contribution within the simulation community," said Fritz Lange, Research Associate, Fraunhofer. "Likewise, we learn about many different applications from other engineers and take that inspiration back home to improve on our work directly."

The papers and posters accepted for presentation will reach approximately 2000 conference attendees across the globe. Additionally, the conference proceedings are then published online for public access, amplifying the reach beyond those directly in attendance.

The COMSOL Conference 2019 2019 Bangalore will be held 28-29 November, 2019, at ITC Gardenia in Bengaluru, Karnataka. For a list of worldwide events and deadlines, visit:

Suggested topic areas for papers and posters include:

  • AC/DC electromagnetics
  • Acoustics and vibrations
  • Batteries, fuel cells, and electrochemical processes
  • Bioscience and bioengineering
  • Chemical reaction engineering
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Electromagnetic heating
  • Geophysics and geomechanics
  • Heat transfer and phase change
  • MEMS and nanotechnology
  • Microfluidics
  • Multiphysics
  • Optics, photonics, and semiconductors
  • Optimization and inverse methods
  • Particle tracing
  • Piezoelectric devices
  • Plasma physics
  • RF and microwave engineering
  • Simulation methods and teaching
  • Structural mechanics and thermal stresses
  • Transport phenomena


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