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极端热湿气候下围护结构热湿耦合传递数值模拟研究 new

李复翔 [1], 陆筱慧 [1],
[1] 华南理工大学 亚热带国家重点实验室

我国南海地区常年高温高湿、雨量充沛、太阳辐照强度大,风速大且风中包含大量水汽,处于多强场耦合的热带海洋环境下,建筑围护结构承受着远高于大陆地区的热湿压力。尽管我国已开始对南海地区进行开发建设,但尚无相应的建筑热工设计指标体系进行指导,使得热工选材无据可依,围护结构设计有所失真。作为指标体系建立的重要基础研究工作,探究极端热湿气候下围护结构热湿耦合传递特点具有重要的科学价值和实际意义。本文针对南海地区建立了一维瞬态热湿耦合传递模型,利用Comsol数学模块系数型PDE接口进行了求解,探讨了热量传递、水分传输过程中相关参数的变化特点 ... Read More

空间堆多节热离子转换器性能分析研究 new

叶天舟 [1],
[1] 西安交通大学、西安、陕西、中国

空间堆中的热离子转换器(TEC)由于在将核反应堆中产生的热能向机械能转换的过程中不需要中间步骤,相比于布雷顿循环等动态转换方式更紧凑、质量更轻且无声,同时又比温差电转换等其他静态转换方式效率较高。由于热离子反应堆的实验研究和测试是一项复杂而昂贵的工作,因此需要通过仿真模拟对热离子转换器进行性能分析及优化设计,并对未来的实验设计提供依据。本文使用COMSOL®软件对多节串联热离子转换器实验装置进行了温度、力学和热电转换的耦合计算,采用2维轴对称几何建模,核反应热源通过电加热模拟,热阱采用共轭传热模拟。相比单节热离子转换器 ... Read More

Electro Magnetic Wave Simulation in Fusion Plasmas

O. Meneghini[1], and S. Shiraiwa[1]
[1]Plasma Science and Fusion Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts, USA

Fusion is a form of nuclear energy which has impressive advantages from the point of view of fuel reserves, environmental impact and safety. If successful, fusion energy would ensure a safe, resource conserving, environmentally friendly power supply for future generations. In a world ... Read More

Simulation Studies on Stress Generation and Volume Expansion due to Electrochemical Lithium Insertion in a Silicon Nanowire

G. Sikha, and J. Gordon
Applied Materials, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

Silicon electrodes are presently being pursued as the potential negative electrode for lithium-ion batteries owing to its high gravimetric (mAh/g) and volumetric capacity (mAh/L) compared to the existing state of the art graphite electrode. Recent experimental studies have demonstrated ... Read More

Modelling of Heat and Moisture Transport in a Corrugated Board Stack new

M. Xynou[1]
[1]KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Corrugated board is produced on a machine where the corrugated medium is glued between two flat paper surfaces, the liners. The board is cut into sheets and stored in a stack until suitable moisture content has been reached. The sheets are then cut and creased into blanks for the ... Read More

Thermo-mechanical Modeling of Pu-238 Production Target at HFIR

C.J. Hurt [1], J.D. Freels [2],
[1] University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA
[2] Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, USA

The production model in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software makes use of the most up-to-date PIE data, material property inputs, and modeling methodology. The fully coupled thermo-mechanical equations are solved over the entire domain, significantly increasing the degrees of freedom ... Read More

Low Temperature Microwave Treatment of Sphere Materials

Huangcheng Zhu [1], Youqi Deng [1], Qian Meng [1], Quansheng Wang [1]
[1] Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

Microwave heating has many advantages over the traditional heating method, such as needing shorter time, saving more energy, and being easier to control. But there still are some problems.(1) Themal runaway still exists because the reflection and absorption of microwave by the reactants ... Read More

PEMFC一维动态机理模型及水含量状态预测 new

徐领 [1],
[1] 清华大学汽车安全与节能国家重点实验室,北京,中国

为了提高质子交换膜燃料电池(Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell, PEMFC)的效率、延长其寿命,水管理是必须解决的问题。由于原位观测电堆内部水传递状态难度较大,研究PEMFC机理并进行建模,以此预测电堆内部水传递状态具有重要意义。 本研究利用COMSOL Multiphysics®建立了沿质子传递方向的PEMFC一维动态机理模型。模型采用多孔介质中的多相混合物传递理论描述两相流,并对催化剂层的Schroeder’s paradox进行了数学描述。模型将PEMFC划分为阳极GDL、质子交换膜和阴极GDL三个域 ... Read More

Magnetic Particle Buildup Growth on Single Wire in High Gradient Magnetic Separation  

F. Chen
Department of Chemical Engineering, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA, USA

Magnetic fluids containing nano or submicron magnetic particles and their application in food, biological and pharmaceutical systems have recently attracted increasing attention. Magnetic particles can be collected efficiently in magnetizable matrices (e.g. iron wires) in high gradient ... Read More

Analyzing the Influence of Electric Field on Flame Through  Electro-Hydrodynamics

S. Mitra[1], P. Sharma[2], M. Godbole[2], and M. Kumar KM[2]
[1] Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

[2] GE Global Research, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

The effects of electric fields on combustion flames have been studied by using several types of experimental techniques as well as few numerical methods. The flame is influenced by the electric field mainly due to the charges present as a result of chemical reactions that take place in ... Read More