Rapid Control Prototyping for the Production of Functionally Graded Materials with Tailored Microstructural Properties Utilizing Comsol Multiphysics

J. Clobes[1,2], H.-J. Watermeier[2], M. Alsmann[2], H. H. Becker[2], and K. Steinhoff[1]
[1]University of Kassel - Chair of Metal Forming Technology, Kassel, Germany
[2]Volkswagen AG, Kassel, Germany

Within the field of hot metal bulk forming the demand arises for fully three-dimensionally tailored properties at the microstructural level, nevertheless, reaching a predefined geometry with such tailored properties puts high requirements on the control mechanisms utilized in the process chain for combined heating, metal forming, and cooling processes.

A simulation based rapid control prototyping ansatz with the help of Comsol Multiphysics was followed utilizing both complex optimization algorithms and self adjusting fuzzy logic controllers leading to a significant reduction in controller implementation time. Within the course of the paper we will highlight model creation, translation of the FEM model to a controllable structure without linearization, FEM based controller development, and PLC implementation.