Computational Analysis of Transport Phenomena and Electrochemical Reactions in a Polymer-Electrolyte-Membrane Fuel Cell

P. Mina, J. Pauchet, and P. Schott
LITEN/DTH/LCPEM , CEA-Grenoble, Grenoble, France

A two-dimensional transient model for the membrane electrode assembly of a Polymer-Electrolyte-Membrane Fuel Cell is presented.

Species and energy transport, electrical current distribution, and electrochemical kinetics are described in the computational domain, which consists of the electrolyte membrane as well as a gas diffusion layer, a micro-porous layer and a catalyst layer for both the anode and cathode sides of the cell.

To account for multicomponent gaseous diffusion in porous media, a phenomenon crucial to describing the transport of species in the fuel cell, the Modified Stefan-Maxwell equation is used in order to consider the Knudsen regime in which wall drag is significant.