Effective Nonlinear Magnetic Curves Calculator

Application ID: 30941

The Effective Nonlinear Magnetic Curves Calculator application is a companion to the Effective Nonlinear Constitutive Relations functionality. Magnetic-based interfaces in the AC/DC Module support the effective H-B/B-H curve material model, which can be used to approximate the behavior of a nonlinear magnetic material in a frequency domain simulation without the additional computational cost of a full transient simulation.

The effective H-B/B-H curve material model requires the effective Heff(B) or Beff(H) relations defined as interpolation functions. This utility app can be used to compute the interpolation data starting from the material’s H-B or B-H relations.

The interpolation data for the H-B or B-H relations can be imported from a text file or entered in a table. The app will then compute the interpolation data for the Heff(B) or Beff(H) relations using two different energy methods. The resulting effective material properties can be exported as a Material Library file and further used in a model with the Magnetic Fields interface of the COMSOL Multiphysics® software.

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