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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 118 0 3 days ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Zena Yasser Zena Yasser Add hourly weather conditions data 809 1 18 hours ago
George Anderson George Anderson Heat transfer in an axial symmetric fin 57 2 1 day ago
Ajaz Rashid Ajaz Rashid COMSOL 5.2 gets stuck after some time 458 7 2 days ago
Lazar Kovacs Lazar Kovacs Comsol terminates in strange ways 40 1 2 days ago
JiYoung Park JiYoung Park Error in multiphysics compilation 9,023 11 2 days ago
Scott F Scott F Weekly Test of Forum 8 1 4 days ago
Zena Yasser Zena Yasser Weather Conditions on a Plant 83 0 7 days ago
Daniel Schoff Daniel Schoff Plotting magnetic field w.r.t distance along z-axis 64 0 1 week ago
Reza Ansari Shirvan Reza Ansari Shirvan Showing convergence plots during a simulation in batch mode 65 0 1 week ago
Antti Rantamäki Antti Rantamäki Bolt pretension not converging 50 0 1 week ago
Joshua Viggiani Joshua Viggiani Variable static at zero 40 0 2 weeks ago
Alexis Mulski Alexis Mulski Global Component To Calculate Capacitance Has Disappeared? 246 2 2 weeks ago
Ben Brooks Ben Brooks Modelling of a room temperature plasma source 47 0 2 weeks ago
George Anderson George Anderson Using symmetry to create a heat sink 73 2 2 weeks ago
Wending Mai Wending Mai What is the transient solver of Comsol? FETD or DGTD? 68 2 2 weeks ago
Muyassar Ismaeel Muyassar Ismaeel How to define the boundary conditions for oscillatory flow in COMSOL? 199 2 2 weeks ago
Arpit Goyal Arpit Goyal Corrosion modelling in reinforced concrete 130 1 2 weeks ago
Manuel Ayala Manuel Ayala Time Dependent of intake manifold 169 1 2 weeks ago
Lisa Lövqvist Lisa Lövqvist Using previous solution as initial values 107 3 2 weeks ago
Hamed Rahimi Hamed Rahimi Ultrasound transduce output 104 0 2 weeks ago
James Harden James Harden Stirring tank/Rotating Machinery problem 84 0 3 weeks ago
LiWah Wong LiWah Wong how to run a time dependent state from the solution of a stationary state? 1,024 2 3 weeks ago
Francesca  Sbaraglia Francesca Sbaraglia problems with magnetic field and particle tracing for fluid flow 52 0 3 weeks ago
Narendra Patil Narendra Patil Java Runtime Environment error 14,299 16 3 weeks ago
Badri  Suhaini Badri Suhaini How do you plot error in COMSOL Multiphysics V5.2? 383 2 3 weeks ago

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