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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 71 0 2 days ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Olutosin Fawole Olutosin Fawole Moving Mesh (ale) with magnetic fields 54 0 1 day ago
Zena Yasser Zena Yasser Weather Conditions on a Plant 75 0 6 days ago
Jiyeon Jang Jiyeon Jang Warning: relative tolerance error 37 0 7 days ago
Carles Safont Carles Safont Moving Mesh velocity in tpfmm 254 1 1 week ago
Dinindu Gunasekara Dinindu Gunasekara Memory Problems with Magnetic Field Shielding Simulation 4 0 1 week ago
Meisam H Meisam H Laminar two phase flow, moving mesh 86 2 2 weeks ago
George Anderson George Anderson Using symmetry to create a heat sink 69 2 2 weeks ago
Jakub Staněk Jakub Staněk Mesh equation 46 0 2 weeks ago
Jakub Staněk Jakub Staněk Mesh equation 46 0 2 weeks ago
Mohammad Amin Kazemi Mohammad Amin Kazemi Problem with meshing my geometry in the corner 91 3 2 weeks ago
Lisa Lövqvist Lisa Lövqvist Using previous solution as initial values 105 3 2 weeks ago
Apurva Gajwani Apurva Gajwani Unable to evaluate an expression 946 4 2 weeks ago
James Harden James Harden Stirring tank/Rotating Machinery problem 80 0 2 weeks ago
Hristo Hristo Thermal stresses in Al2O3 cylinder due to laser heating 72 0 2 weeks ago
Hernan Vignolo Hernan Vignolo Acoustics - Large models convergence 666 5 3 weeks ago
MuRGMac MuRGMac 2D Axisymmetric and 2D simulation of permanent magnet 2,357 4 3 weeks ago
Nicholas Goldring Nicholas Goldring Global Size Node in Mesh Tree 74 0 4 weeks ago
Tesfaye Tadesse Molla Tesfaye Tadesse Molla Simulation of composite laminates 969 1 4 weeks ago
Mohammad Amin Kazemi Mohammad Amin Kazemi Liquid-Vapor interface drops very fast 622 5 4 weeks ago
Li-Fan Yang Li-Fan Yang The relation between mesh size and time step in time-dependent study on heat transfer problem 370 1 4 weeks ago
Antoni Artinov Antoni Artinov Segregated Solver 96 0 1 month ago
Nicholas Goldring Nicholas Goldring A Swept Quad Mesh Within Free Tet - Quality Concerns 211 6 1 month ago
FengTing Liao FengTing Liao 3D electrostatic simulation with complex geometry 134 0 1 month ago
Stefan Eidelloth Stefan Eidelloth Undefined value found 37,211 15 1 month ago
Ben Leser Ben Leser Eddy current simulation not converging when velocity increases 150 2 1 month ago

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