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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 71 0 2 days ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
George Anderson George Anderson Heat transfer in an axial symmetric fin 44 2 3 hours ago
Meryeme Boumahdi Meryeme Boumahdi Comsol with Matlab 63 4 23 hours ago
Francisco Munoz Francisco Munoz Eigenfrequency and Temperature in a Cantilever 4,579 8 1 day ago
kyle91 kyle91 Joule Heating in Large Electromagnet 140 10 2 days ago
Lea Madlen  Bücking Lea Madlen Bücking Underground Cable Joule Heating 55 8 3 days ago
Owen Gill Owen Gill Electro Thermal Compliant Actuators 46 0 3 days ago
Zena Yasser Zena Yasser Add hourly weather conditions data 708 0 5 days ago
Abdullah Al Mamun Abdullah Al Mamun Approaches for Fuel Cell Stack Modeling and Simulation with COMSOL Multiphysics 29 0 5 days ago
Zena Yasser Zena Yasser Weather Conditions on a Plant 75 0 6 days ago
Andrea Roberto Calore Andrea Roberto Calore Non-isothermal polymer flow 36 0 6 days ago
Usani Chi Usani Chi water evaporation 54 1 7 days ago
Reza Ansari Shirvan Reza Ansari Shirvan Showing convergence plots during a simulation in batch mode 61 0 7 days ago
Jeremie Maire Jeremie Maire Photonic cavity heating 41 0 1 week ago
Alex King Alex King Heat Transfer in Solids-Strain reference temperature problem 43 0 1 week ago
Flanell Flanell Lagrange multiplier in axial symmetry 129 1 1 week ago
Young Song Young Song Thermoacoustics using COMSOL Multiphysics 6,502 4 2 weeks ago
Miriam Vogt Miriam Vogt error when coupling reactive flow and heat transfer 1,372 5 2 weeks ago
Xing Zhang Xing Zhang Moving laser 29 0 2 weeks ago
Meisam H Meisam H Laminar two phase flow, moving mesh 86 2 2 weeks ago
Robert  Watson Robert Watson Premixed Combustion with an ignition source 47 0 2 weeks ago
George Anderson George Anderson Using symmetry to create a heat sink 69 2 2 weeks ago
Chris Chris Glass break as result of pressure - fire sprinkler tube 770 1 2 weeks ago
Cormac Eason Cormac Eason Modelling Natural Convection 5,169 7 2 weeks ago
ranaat ranaat What physics to use to include Electrothermal flow in the model? 68 1 2 weeks ago
Marilyn Myers Marilyn Myers COMSOL Gold Nanoparticle Electromagnetic Wave 89 1 2 weeks ago

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