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Active Discussions - Heat Transfer Module

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Davide Ivaldi Davide Ivaldi Convective heat transfer coefficient
Convection , Heat Transfer Module , 4.3 , Physics , CFD , Fluid Flow , Heat Transfer
5,032 6 2 months ago
Li-Fan Yang Li-Fan Yang The relation between mesh size and time step in time-dependent study on heat transfer problem 633 1 5 months ago
Amr Daouk Amr Daouk Failed to find a solution. There are 1 void equations 2,136 1 5 months ago
Mario Di Capua Mario Di Capua Convergence problems 147 0 5 months ago
Glenn Pennings Glenn Pennings Connecting the output of a heating element with surface temperature 124 2 5 months ago
Glenn Pennings Glenn Pennings Heating element related to Inside Surface Temperature 179 0 5 months ago
Tushar Telmasre Tushar Telmasre How to implement Isothermal condition while solving for Eutectic solidification once eutectic temperature is reached? 71 0 6 months ago
Tushar Telmasre Tushar Telmasre Syntax of writing conditional statements on comsol 208 2 7 months ago
Md Nurul Anwar  Tarek Md Nurul Anwar Tarek How to couple two different physics 296 0 7 months ago
Jan Kolbe Jan Kolbe Convection in a hollow cylinder between solid domains 294 0 7 months ago
Clement Ajani Clement Ajani Moving Mesh ALE 255 0 8 months ago
Burak  Gerislioglu Burak Gerislioglu Error in multiphysics compilation/Problem setting up multigrid 471 0 8 months ago
Jesse Ross-Jones Jesse Ross-Jones domains 'not applicable' in non isothermal flow 743 8 9 months ago
Sai Phani Kiran Hota Sai Phani Kiran Hota Solver building a mesh after making one manually 354 1 9 months ago
Panagiotis Angel Panagiotis Angel Variable particle properties 221 0 10 months ago
Matt Kaskow Matt Kaskow Averaging line graph 1,214 4 11 months ago
Mahir Mahir Laser material interaction 363 1 11 months ago
Ge  He Ge He How to set a solution-depdendent vaiable? 207 1 12 months ago
Ren Zetian Ren Zetian How to set a certain 3-D region to temperature const in a instant time range? 294 3 1 years ago
炜 张 炜 张 Add a global equation to limit the Max temperature 292 0 1 years ago
Kartikeyan Ramachandran Kartikeyan Ramachandran welding simulation 5,383 4 1 years ago
Morgan Le Lous Morgan Le Lous Coaxial Borehole heat exchanger 863 3 1 years ago
Michael Plotnikov Michael Plotnikov Current-temperature dependence in semiconductor 276 0 1 years ago
Samantha Stever Samantha Stever Modelling the interaction of alpha particle with a slab of material. Possible? Won't converge? 321 1 1 years ago
S. Ahmed S. Ahmed Linking heating end-time to cooling-start time implementing thermostat and Point ODE interfaces 226 0 1 years ago

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