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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 511 0 4 weeks ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Raquel  Vaz Raquel Vaz Waveguide amplitude errors, scattering boundary condition
4.2a , RF Module
1,425 5 22 minutes ago
Chris Nadovich Chris Nadovich Simple Geometry Question
4.2a , Geometry , 5.0 , 5.2a
7,698 15 2 hours ago
Zahra Kanani Aghkand Zahra Kanani Aghkand Pair thermal contact 13 0 3 hours ago
Hsin-Liang Chen Hsin-Liang Chen How to create a function whose output is either 1 or -1? 27 1 4 hours ago
Xuebin Meng Xuebin Meng scaled or unscaled in Time-Dependent solver 21 1 4 hours ago
Jacob Watkins Jacob Watkins Moving solid domain within a fluid domain 12 0 8 hours ago
Xuebin Meng Xuebin Meng ultrasonic probe achieves self-sending and self-receiving 70 6 8 hours ago
Evans Ashigwuike Evans Ashigwuike modelling of EMATs
AC/DC Module , Structural Mechanics , 4.3b
635 2 12 hours ago
Nicola BarlabĂ  Nicola BarlabĂ  Error with simulation of electric motor 14 1 14 hours ago
Richard Beck Richard Beck Issues with initializing a universe 24 1 21 hours ago
Nuttawut Kongsuwan Nuttawut Kongsuwan Scattering by a cylindrical gold nanoparticle 17 0 1 day ago
Bianca Cinque Bianca Cinque How apply forces in nodes 49 2 1 day ago
Madhura Gurjar Madhura Gurjar MHD
4.4 , Physics , CFD , Fluid Flow , AC/DC Module
460 2 1 day ago
Lucas Martin Lucas Martin Porous material Problem 45 4 1 day ago
Koray Akcengiz Koray Akcengiz The discrepancy of results of eigenfrequency and frequency-domain modal studies
5.0 , Structural Mechanics
263 2 1 day ago
Ying Tang Ying Tang problem with cluster parallel computing. 14 0 1 day ago
Achref Rabhi Achref Rabhi iterator operator 47 2 1 day ago
Waqas Ali Waqas Ali Problem in Multi phase flow 36 1 2 days ago
Hyen Hi Hyen Hi Hyperelastic Deformation 22 0 2 days ago
Aditya S Nanda Aditya S Nanda Model a torsion hinge connecting two beams 16 0 2 days ago
Jeffrey Doody Jeffrey Doody Coil temperature dropping when should be rising 22 0 2 days ago
Siqi Chen Siqi Chen Can I simulate thin metal film's optical effects in ewfd module? 32 0 2 days ago
Prashant Katiyar Prashant Katiyar Meshing 80 3 2 days ago
Rajkumar Jaiswar Rajkumar Jaiswar Simulation of polymer composite filled with randomly distributed carbon nanotubes 33 2 2 days ago
Saravanakumar D Saravanakumar D Amplitude of structure at resonance in vacuum is not infinity? 19 0 2 days ago

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