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Lucio Cruz Lucio Cruz Simulation with a very high Peclet Number
very high Peclet Number , 4.2 , Earth Science Module , Solving
2,103 2 2 months ago
COMSOL user2 COMSOL user2 Simple Question for Flow Rate
Microfluidics , Fluid Flow , MEMS , CFD , Earth Science Module , Porous Media , Physics
5,985 5 3 months ago
Karel Goense Karel Goense Obtaining length and width values from a heat plume in a geothermal doublet reservoir simulation
Porous Media , 5.0 , Heat Transfer , Earth Science Module , Results and visualization
691 3 4 months ago
Nhan Nguyen Nhan Nguyen Time derivative only allowed with respect to mesh time 952 10 4 months ago
Jessica Clare Jessica Clare error while solving.. 186 1 4 months ago
Sulav Dhakal Sulav Dhakal COMSOL modeling of Methane hydrate dissociation 230 0 5 months ago
Ali Nasirian Ali Nasirian Heat Transfer in Soils 3,649 21 5 months ago
Isaias Monreal Isaias Monreal HELP 196 1 5 months ago
天驰 陈 天驰 陈 Particle tracing video in the pore scale flow (Application ID: 488) 77 0 6 months ago
Alireza Talebi Alireza Talebi Flux Boundary Condition in Equation Based Modelling 170 0 6 months ago
Tommaso Santagata Tommaso Santagata Unsaturated flow with dry initial condition 243 2 6 months ago
Muhammad Shahid Manzoor Muhammad Shahid Manzoor Flux over time Graph /Plot 436 2 6 months ago
Vikrant Vishal Vikrant Vishal Subsurface flow in heterogeneous reservoir...... 2,605 14 6 months ago
Shikhar Nilabh Shikhar Nilabh How to deal with discontinuous heterogeneous data in 2D geometry 524 0 6 months ago
Ankita Mukherjee Ankita Mukherjee Problem regarding two phase fluid flow 114 0 6 months ago
Carlo Carlo Using the Subsurface Flow Module to simulate karstic systems 97 1 7 months ago
Mohammadreza Jafari Mohammadreza Jafari Poroelasticity equation definition 325 0 7 months ago
Hwajung Yoo Hwajung Yoo assign pressure to line geometry in 3D 216 0 7 months ago
Anton Enns Anton Enns Richard's equation 422 2 8 months ago
Chaney Long Chaney Long soil plasticity in poroelasticity 2,328 6 9 months ago
磊 鞠 磊 鞠 How to define a spatial periodic boundary condition in the Darcy's Law module 141 0 10 months ago
Femi Oyedokun Femi Oyedokun Model Parameter Adjustment 603 0 10 months ago
Chaney Long Chaney Long Error: Failed to compute elastoplastic strain variables 1,527 2 10 months ago
Youngmin  Lee Youngmin Lee The gravity term in the two-phase Darcy's law (v.5.2a) 389 1 10 months ago
Mehrdad Bastani Mehrdad Bastani unknown property warning 808 4 11 months ago

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