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Active Discussions - Convection

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Davide Ivaldi Davide Ivaldi Convective heat transfer coefficient
Convection , Heat Transfer Module , 4.3 , Physics , CFD , Fluid Flow , Heat Transfer
5,007 6 1 month ago
Jonathan  Garcia Jonathan Garcia Convection-Diffusion-Reaction 160 1 5 months ago
Maximilian Secklehner Maximilian Secklehner Convective heat transfer over long duration 91 0 6 months ago
Jan Kolbe Jan Kolbe Convection in a hollow cylinder between solid domains 291 0 7 months ago
Young-Eun Yun Young-Eun Yun Fx,Fy about fluid dynamics 299 0 11 months ago
Chuck Wang Chuck Wang About natural convection 7,337 4 1 years ago
S. H. Alavi S. H. Alavi Convective heat transfer in solid 301 0 1 years ago
Nayoung Kim Nayoung Kim Natural Convection 287 0 2 yearss ago
Hannah Reynolds Hannah Reynolds Phase change in porous media 3,633 4 2 yearss ago
Nick Farrar-Foley Nick Farrar-Foley Adding Conduction with Air Removes Convection (Heat Flux) 2,377 1 3 yearss ago
David Fernandez Bosman David Fernandez Bosman Heat Transfer. Surface-to-surface radiation node 2,204 3 3 yearss ago
Fangjing Hu Fangjing Hu Questions of the modelling of a light bulb using Heat Transfer Module 3,446 1 5 yearss ago
Mark Conway Mark Conway Natural Convection 5,937 2 7 yearss ago

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