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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 118 0 3 days ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Zena Yasser Zena Yasser Add hourly weather conditions data 809 1 18 hours ago
Olutosin Fawole Olutosin Fawole Amplitude response of beam in frequency study 161 2 3 days ago
Olutosin Fawole Olutosin Fawole Moving Mesh (ale) with magnetic fields 61 0 3 days ago
Semih Yikilmaz Semih Yikilmaz RMS value surface roughness 26 1 3 days ago
Minoo Kabir Minoo Kabir phononic crystal band gap 1,592 18 7 days ago
Zena Yasser Zena Yasser Weather Conditions on a Plant 83 0 7 days ago
Jeremie Maire Jeremie Maire Photonic cavity heating 42 0 1 week ago
Drumil Patel Drumil Patel Turbulent pipe flow 18 1 2 weeks ago
Young Song Young Song Thermoacoustics using COMSOL Multiphysics 6,505 4 2 weeks ago
Marcel Bongarten Marcel Bongarten How could I calculate the safety factor for mechanics 448 2 2 weeks ago
Yuchen Shen Yuchen Shen Cannot generate Global Evaluation 37 0 2 weeks ago
Alexis Mulski Alexis Mulski Global Component To Calculate Capacitance Has Disappeared? 246 2 2 weeks ago
Jeff Jeff Relative Motion Between Magnet and Conductive Tube 31 0 2 weeks ago
Jakub Staněk Jakub Staněk Mesh equation 47 0 2 weeks ago
Nelson Amorim Nelson Amorim Unfocused ultrasound therapy heating 595 3 2 weeks ago
Manuel Ayala Manuel Ayala Time Dependent of intake manifold 169 1 2 weeks ago
Ton Nguyen Ton Nguyen 'Undefined function value' in Semiconductor module 30 0 2 weeks ago
Lisa Lövqvist Lisa Lövqvist Using previous solution as initial values 107 3 2 weeks ago
Ron Lira Ron Lira problem in refreshing graphics window 6,215 10 2 weeks ago
bkralik bkralik How to transfer "eigenfrequency" from eigenfrequency to frequency domain step 89 2 3 weeks ago
LiWah Wong LiWah Wong how to run a time dependent state from the solution of a stationary state? 1,024 2 3 weeks ago
Francois Gregoire Francois Gregoire How to loop simulations in Comsol 4.2a with Matlab 20,339 30 4 weeks ago
Adam Paździor Adam Paździor Fundamental mode of PCF not found 65 2 4 weeks ago
Hernan Vignolo Hernan Vignolo Acoustics - Large models convergence 671 5 4 weeks ago
Fei Wu Fei Wu Boundary heat source with temperature as a dependent variable 108 2 4 weeks ago

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