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Ramona De Luca Ramona De Luca PML v4.0
PML , 5.2
1,254 6 4 weeks ago
Xiaoyi Yu Xiaoyi Yu simulation of solidification or crystallization using Phase-field method?
4.1 , 4.3a , 4.0 , 4.0a , 5.0 , 4.3 , 5.2 , Geometry
14,240 17 2 months ago
Rollo Jarvis Rollo Jarvis Basic Question: How to add modules 4,058 4 5 months ago
Suzan Miah Suzan Miah electrostatic force cause displacement in parallel plate capacitor in COMSOL 10,425 20 6 months ago
Pierre Carniato Pierre Carniato Domain Probe Use 5,197 2 6 months ago
阿署 王 阿署 王 Simulation of semiconductor electric potential 2,192 2 7 months ago
Shahriar Khushrushahi Shahriar Khushrushahi 3D Capacitance Parametric Sweep problem - Meshing issue - results in sinusoidal non physical results 4,462 1 9 months ago
Shereen Saju Shereen Saju Force between two magnetic field 909 0 10 months ago
Jack Mai Jack Mai Error: Plot Surface in porous media 525 1 10 months ago
Bharathkumar Hegde Bharathkumar Hegde SUbdomain Settings in COMSOL 4.0 1,811 1 10 months ago
H.T.M. H.T.M. How to solve non-linear elastic problems 324 0 11 months ago
Xiaoyi Yu Xiaoyi Yu Where is the error of my model ? (model file has been attached) 5,144 12 11 months ago
Mino Mino 3D magnetic+mechanic 394 1 12 months ago
Alexander Warning Alexander Warning Running COMSOL with Java externally 9,171 7 1 years ago
Robert Malkin Robert Malkin Simple question regarding parametric sweep of eigenfrequencies 3,660 3 1 years ago
Ram Hey Ram Hey yield stress 4,744 1 1 years ago
Alain KH Alain KH Coupling for heat source term from reaction enggineering. 1,010 0 1 years ago
Xiaoyi Yu Xiaoyi Yu About the upside, downside of an interior boundary, and others related 3,371 5 1 years ago
Diego Velez Diego Velez problem change phase 338 0 1 years ago
Zach Zach How to remove the history record in the m-file exported from COMSOL 5,998 5 2 yearss ago
Matan Mussel Matan Mussel How can I export an eps image (vector graphics)? 12,382 16 2 yearss ago
Viola Maher Viola Maher question about discharge current in plasma jet 1,192 1 2 yearss ago
Akmal Akmal Manipulating heat-transfer coefficient 6,682 7 2 yearss ago
William Hastie William Hastie Conduction Heat Transfer help 1,018 4 2 yearss ago
Felix Vega Felix Vega Error: Circular variable dependency detected 19,109 8 2 yearss ago

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