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Shuang Qiu Shuang Qiu How to tell COMSOL to balance the drag force and gravity?
5.2 , Fluid Flow , CFD
2,676 5 2 weeks ago
Clemens Nyffeler Clemens Nyffeler Electrostatics + Metal Electrode
insulator , Electrical , Cables , AC/DC Module , Materials and functions , 4.0a , 3.5a , Mesh
36,775 21 1 month ago
Mark Suchomel Mark Suchomel Li-Ion Battery Example - Works in 3.5a but not 4.0
Batteries , 3.5a
6,177 8 2 months ago
Jean-Pierre Matan Jean-Pierre Matan endlessly assembling matrices in transient solver
3.5a , RF Module
4,292 6 2 months ago
Bahar Bahar Plotting Current
Capacitive 3D comb drive example , Electrodes , Current , Plot , Materials and functions , Results and visualization , 3.5a
6,036 6 3 months ago
Nichith Chandrasekar Nichith Chandrasekar Moving mesh simulation
Moving Mesh , 4.3b , 3.5a , AC/DC Module
1,344 3 3 months ago
Yuanhai Su Yuanhai Su How to solve the problem of negative concentration
3.5a , Fluid Flow , 5.2a
20,102 36 3 months ago
Avat Khan Avat Khan surface charge, weak form boundary,time-depended 185 2 4 months ago
Rollo Jarvis Rollo Jarvis Basic Question: How to add modules 4,036 4 5 months ago
Joaquim Lloberas Joaquim Lloberas plane strain model. Parameter thickness 4,486 4 6 months ago
Meriem Nouira Meriem Nouira PCM melt fraction modelling 198 0 6 months ago
Salvador Gómez Carretero Salvador Gómez Carretero Frequency analysis of an electric double layer 4,401 4 6 months ago
WB Zou WB Zou RF module Mie scattering tutorial (gold sphere) Locked 10,701 9 6 months ago
Anurag Tiwari Anurag Tiwari Failed to evaluate variable Jacobian 850 0 6 months ago
Syamimi Ismail Syamimi Ismail Plot the gradient of electric field square 369 0 7 months ago
Elif Elif Quality factor in 3D 8,776 12 8 months ago
Gennaro Arguzzi Gennaro Arguzzi Beam - Rigid Body 272 4 8 months ago
Gennaro Arguzzi Gennaro Arguzzi Weight of a line - Comsol 210 3 8 months ago
Bahar Bahar Piezoresistive modeling 6,335 11 9 months ago
Shereen Saju Shereen Saju Force between two magnetic field 906 0 9 months ago
Hua Zhang Hua Zhang need some help in photonic crystal 2,439 1 10 months ago
Young-Eun Yun Young-Eun Yun What is right equation? 293 0 11 months ago
Alkal Singla Alkal Singla microwave hyperthermia 363 2 11 months ago
Young-Eun Yun Young-Eun Yun Fx,Fy about fluid dynamics 299 0 11 months ago
Dragos Ciorascu Dragos Ciorascu adding polynomic functions in Comsol 3.5A 335 0 11 months ago

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