What You Said about the COMSOL Conference 2012

Fanny Littmarck December 19, 2012
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Each year we are excited to gather thousands of customers at the worldwide COMSOL Conference series. The events enable the entire user community to see the great projects colleagues have been working on and catch up face-to-face. This year, we wanted to capture some of these conversations and share them with you. That is why we sent our video director, Matt Milhomme, to the COMSOL Conference 2012 in Boston to conduct some interviews. We now have a video series of these 2-minute clips, and it tells a well-rounded story of what the conference is all about.

COMSOL Conference Interview Series

The conference interview series features several different personalities. Each attendee speaks to a different aspect of what the conference provides. All together they represent our favorite part of the conference: you.

Below you can watch the whole series fused into one video, but you can also watch (and share!) each video in isolation in our Video Center. If you have something to say about the COMSOL Conference that is not covered in the videos, leave a comment at the end of this blog post. We’d love to hear from you!

Videos Featured in the Series:


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