The Program Committee has done a Wonderful Job

Phil Kinnane October 4, 2011
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Hi there,

Just looking through the Proceedings CD, I say that there are so many different topics and areas of research that it must be a daunting task to review them all. But through the diligent effort of the Program Chair, Yeswanth, he was able to get twenty experts within different areas to become members of the Program Committee. In fact, almost everyone he asked was willing to participate.

program committee blog

Yeswanth writes in the Proceedings Preface “ We would like to express our gratitude to them for their hard work and time taken to review the articles and providing valuable feedback.” Twelve of the committee members are from industry, and four are from governmental institutions and another four from academia.

And from what we understand, three of these members will be presenting, and another fourteen will be in attendance (and chairing oral presentation sessions). I think it’s great that this conference will have such a large number of experts attending to listen to the other presentations and network with others interested in multiphysics modeling.



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