New Minicourses for COMSOL Conference 2012

Walter Frei July 9, 2012
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A new series of courses addressing the fundamentals of the software independent of physics is to be introduced at the COMSOL Conference 2012 in Boston and Milan. These minicourses include solvers, optimization, meshing, post-processing, and equation-based modeling.

The Solvers course will explain the algorithms and functionality behind the solver branch. This lecture is for anyone who wants to learn more about the algorithms, how COMSOL Multiphysics works, as well as how to set up complicated multiphysics problems. For those looking for a quick intro to gradient-based optimization, we will also conduct an Optimization minicourse. Addressing the capabilities of the Optimization Module, this course teaches techniques applicable for nearly all types of models. Another new course for the upcoming conference is one on Post-Processing. When presenting your data it is important that it looks its best, therefore we are offering this opportunity to discover the different results node tools that can help you achieve mirroring, animations, plane- and line cutting, joining or comparing multiple data sets, and more. A minicourse on Meshing will guide you through how to become more efficient at modeling and meshing with techniques for preparing CAD geometry for meshing and how to eliminate extraneous details. These are of course only a few of minicourses to be offered at the COMSOL Conference 2012.

For a complete preliminary list of topics visit:
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