Meet the COMSOL Conference 2013 Program Chairs

Bernt Nilsson April 8, 2013
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The COMSOL Conference Program Chair is a special person. It is a person to envy. Wouldn’t you like to connect with the top multiphysics simulation experts, study their coolest applications, and showcase their work in the limelight of the COMSOL Conference 2013? I certainly would — but that is the role of the Program Chair.

A Busy Year to Come for the COMSOL Conference 2013 Program Chairs

Each year, COMSOL hosts the world’s largest conference on multiphysics simulation to showcase the cutting-edge research accomplished by scientists, engineers, and researchers from around the globe. This event is held in three locations worldwide; USA, India, and Europe, and it is the job of the Program Chair to facilitate the success of the Conference.

With the COMSOL Conference rapidly growing each year, the workload of the Program Chair is daunting. At this time of the year, abstracts describing the work of engineers and researchers hoping to publish at the Conference start pouring in. From now until August, nearly a thousand abstracts will be submitted on the COMSOL Conference Call For Papers webpage. The Program Chair will review each and every abstract and present them to the appropriate experts on the Program Committee, based on application area. Then, pending the advice from the Program Committee members, the Program Chair will follow-up with the author to assist in finding the best way to publish the work.

For authors, the culmination of all their hard work is the opportunity to showcase their research to experts in their fields. For the Program Committee Chair, however, the end of the Conference is just the beginning of another big project — the production of the COMSOL Conference User Presentations web site. Last year’s User Presentation page features over 850 papers, posters, slides, models, and videos presented at the COMSOL Conference 2012. After orchestrating and organizing the presentations at the event itself, it’s the Program Chair’s task to bring this next big project to fruition. By the time the User Presentation page is up and running, it’s time to start preparing for the next year’s COMSOL Conference. There’s never a dull moment for a COMSOL Conference Program Chair!

The COMSOL Conference Chairs: One Returning, Two First-Timers

So, who are the Program Chairs this year? Let me introduce you: Jinlan Huang is returning for a second year as the Program Chair for the COMSOL Conference Boston. Given the many hectic days she must have endured during last year’s Conference, I was curious to know what brings her back.

“It was fun to meet with so many smart people and share the excitement of seeing their hard work being published. I also felt proud of being at COMSOL, since it was COMSOL Multiphysics that provided the tools to help them get the their research completed,” Jinlan explained.

And, there is already work to be done for the upcoming Conference. “Authors from last year got back to me right away and told me they had new things to present. I can’t wait to see their new abstracts,” she continued.

Another task that awaits Jinlan is to bring the new Program Chairs for the Bangalore and Rotterdam locations up to speed.

Prajakta Sabnis will be a first-time Program Chair of the COMSOL Conference in India. As an Application Engineer, she has contributed to many well-attended sessions at past COMSOL conferences. This included teaching many of the minicourses at the conference, such as MEMS, Meshing, Particle Tracing, Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics, and Tips & Tricks.

“I have been attending the COMSOL Conference since 2011 and I feel it is one of the greatest events of the year. Until last year, I was contributing to the conference through minicourses, so moving on to be a Program Chair is a big honor for me,” said Prajakta.

She reports a big interest from the engineering and scientific community following the Call for Papers announcement: “I am looking forward to reviewing abstracts and interacting with our Program Committee members. People do some incredible work using COMSOL Multiphysics. I’m really excited to be a part of the upcoming Conference!”

Over in Europe, at our office in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, Tycho van Noorden is preparing for his debut as the Program Chair of the COMSOL Conference Rotterdam. Having assembled a strong Program Committee of experienced multiphysics users from leading high-tech companies and top academic organizations, Tycho is off to a great start.

“As a Program Chair, I am looking forward to meeting COMSOL users and seeing their exciting simulations,” Tycho said.

Over the past few years, there has been a rapid growth in the number of presenters at the event in Europe. Clearly, attendees appreciate getting insight into what problems are currently being solved using COMSOL Multiphysics. “I am excited to learn about the innovative ways COMSOL Multiphysics users are implementing simulation software to solve problems in new settings,” comments Tycho. “That’s also my advice for attendees: become inspired by the new ideas and tools presented, and use them to great effect in your own work.”

Wherever you want to present your work — Boston, Bangalore, Rotterdam, or at all three event locations — now is the time to connect with your Program Chair. You can contact them directly, or visit the websites listed below.

Boston, MA, USA

Bangalore, India

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Jinlan Huang Prajakta Sabnis Tycho van Noorden
Jinlan Huang
Phone: +1-781-273-3322
Prajakta Sabnis
Phone: +91-80-2559-7799
Tycho van Noorden
Phone: +31-79 363 4230
Boston Call for Papers Bangalore Call for Papers Rotterdam Call for Papers


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